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Dani de los Santos

Parsons Type Design Class of Spring 2021

About Dani

Dani is a recent graduate of the Communication Design program at Parsons School of Design. She specializes in print and type design in the context of brand identities.

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Malikot Typeface Project

“Malikot (adj.) (Tagalog): naughty, mischievous

Malikot is a display typeface created for the unique identity that Filipinx-Americans hold. Inspired by the aesthetics of the homeland and the new cultural enclaves Filipinx immigrants have made their new homeland, it mixes strokes of the lost Baybayin script and the movement of funky Latin type. The mix of winding and curving forms make Malikot a typeface that is both traditional, fun, and unique. Malikot is perfect for signage for branding within these Filipinx-American enclaves that want a font to encompass the diveristy of Filipinx- American identities.”

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